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Headquarters  Germany / Berlin
Area/Region Berlin
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Latest matches
  DGS Saison 5 - Playoffs
loss   Gymnasium Brede  0 Monday, 09/05/11 14:00 5
wins   Gymnasium Rhauderfehn  + 6 Monday, 02/05/11 14:00 3
wins   GymNet - Gymnasium Netphen 2  + 5 Monday, 18/04/11 14:00 7
wins   (bye)  Monday, 04/04/11 14:00 0
  Saison 5 Schüler League of Legends - 3on3 Cup
loss   aWesomeGaminG  0 Thursday, 31/03/11 13:00 0
  DGS Saison 5 - Gruppenphase
wins   RS-Alzey  + 1 Monday, 14/03/11 14:00 0
wins   Robert-Blum-Gaming  + 1 Monday, 28/02/11 13:00 7
wins   Heinrich Hertz Oberschule  + 1 Monday, 14/02/11 13:00 4
  DGS Saison 4 - Gruppenphase
loss   Gymnasium Norf  + 1 Monday, 22/02/10 13:00 10
wins   Gymnasium-Lindlar  + 5 Monday, 25/01/10 13:00 11
Official team of Humboldt-Gymnasium Berlin-Tegel

Honorary member and oberserving teacher: Mr. Pelz

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Humboldt.Stroh80 (Team-Captain)
Humboldt.Baba (Player)
Humboldt.San (Player)
Humboldt.Maxga (Player)
Humboldt.CoNSt (Player)
Humboldt.Deiforo (Player)


Partner of our team is competo-sports, training our players and supporting the whole team.
Special Thanks!!


Humboldtschule was founded in 1903. It has always been a school which emphasises the idea of being open to new concepts rather than holding on to the old. It was not only one of the first schools to involve students in matters of decision-making and the taking on of responsibility, it was also at Humboldtschule where the current system of the "Abitur" (the acquisition of German high school diploma) was developed.
We teach students to use the internet and we have created new subjects: "Technology and Nature" and "English for Professional Discourse". Some of our students are enrolled in a special curriculum for highly gifted children. This enables them to achieve their "Abitur" a year earlier than they normally would.


Humboldtschule is considered a high-ranking school, which is dedicated to academic excellence. We try to enroll only students who are able to fulfill German high school requirements. This is not an easy task because in Berlin it is up to the parents to decide which school their child is to attend and because there are no high school entrance examinations.

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