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Name Pangea Movies Community
Shorthandle Pangea
Registered since 11/02/07
Subteam of Pangea Movies
Headquarters  Germany
  1  Awards  
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Line Up

Marcel 'eNji' Poguntke, Germany
Thibaut 'Touf' Fery, France
Baptiste 'impure' Le Bail, France
Quentin 'k0s' Bernet, France
Fabien 'MalaK' Fourcroy, France
Swen 'LoWki' Fraser, France
Valentin 'XhoK' Naïna, France
Sebastian 'ORION' Bürkner, Germany
Thomas 'J0k3r' Wagner, Germany
George 'Alm0st' Gould, England


Unsighted 2 - Trailer by Dom3kk
Get Alive 2 by aL
Out Of Order by k1u
Destiny 2 by eNji
Destiny 3 by eNji
Behind French Eyes 3 by MaLaK
crZ - Trailer by k0s
Accelerant by k0s
Liquefy by eNji
Deadly Revenge by Orion
Fear Effects 2 by J0k3r
Fear Effects 3 Trailer by J0k3r
mTw 2008-2009 by MaLaK
MaxLan 2008 by impure
Accelerant 2 by k0s
HCGL Teaser by impure
EPS VI RedLine by impure
Live Less, Play More by impure


Orga & eXce by LoWki
eGnition 3 by impure
Follow Them Down by TOuF
Deadly Combination by eNji
Ex6TenZ History 2 by XhoK
Fear Effects 3 by J0k3r
GuardiaN Teaser by ORION
mEiJin Teaser by k0s
My World by J0k3r
reversion by ORION


3rd Place @ Best Damn Movie Comp Period Round 1
2nd PLace @ Infected Productions Redrum Competition
6th Place @ Infected Productions Redrum Competition
Honorable Mention @ Best Damn Movie Comp Period Round 2
8th Place @ TEK9 Movie Comp In The spotlight


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